Tuition & Fees

Country Meadows Montessori School offers a tuition schedule scaled to the length of the school day per student. If you choose the One Payment Plan for the school year, parents are entitled to a 3% discount off tuition. If you choose the Two-Payment Plan option, parents are entitled to a 1.5% discount. Two siblings enrolled simultaneously will entitle the family to a 3% discount on total tuition. Three siblings enrolled will entitle the family to a 7% discount.

Tuition payments may be made by credit card using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. A charge of 2.5% is applied to credit card payments. CMMS offers an online payment option.

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Depending upon the activity, there are nominal registration, event and application fees. Online Bill Pay at CMMS: Make tuition payments online using e-checks or credit card payments through a secure server.

Toddler Tuition Schedule 2019-2020
Primary and Elementary Tuition 2019-2020
Adolescent Tuition Schedule 2019-2020