Toddler (15 months-3 years)

Our year round Toddler class is composed of no more than fifteen children ranging in age from 15 months to 3 years. The curriculum is taught by a Montessori toddler-trained and certified teacher who is well-versed in the developmental stages for this age group. The classroom has an extensive range of activities and developmentally appropriate educational materials that help toddlers learn one concept or skill at a time.

The goal of the toddler curriculum is to foster independence and concentration. This is achieved by maximizing the development of the young child in a nurturing, stimulating and orderly setting. Activities support the child in building sensory motor skills, self-esteem, and good concentration habits.

The toddler developmental stages are supported in the following areas:

Practical Life: activities that promote independent self-care including toileting, hygiene, food preparation and respect for the environment.

Sensorial Activities: promote experiences for the discrimination of the senses.

Language Expression: opportunities for communication include story-telling, singing, the creation of music and art, the use of sign language, and engaging with learning materials that promote verbal skills.

Freedom of Movement: participation in gross motor activities that include dance, movement, finger plays and yoga, as well as, interaction with the learning environment.

Cultivating Independence: opportunities are provided for children to make choices, work collaboratively and independently, explore their classroom freely and express their curiosity.

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