Parent Testimonials

 “We are so happy to have both our children at Country Meadows! When you see your kids grow educationally and socially with such a progression you understand that they are in the right place and you know that you made the right choice for them. Every student starting from toddler to adolescent is treated with respect and every student's needs are accommodated to succeed. Thank you all teachers and administrative staff for doing such a great job!”

-Egle K.

“My child is not even half way through her first year, and I tell you, this place is amazing! I could not say enough great things about them. The musical programs the children perform are so adorable. Teachers and staff are always nice, listen well, address all concerns, and really have a fantastic schedule put together. The office workers are amazing about communication and always have my questions answered immediately. We are so fortunate to have found such great school. Go Monarchs!”

                             -Tiffaney G.

“Our children have been at Country Meadows since pre-school and we have been very pleased with their progress both academically and socially.

Specifically, we value the school’s focus on respect for every person (being different is OK!), the fluid way that students can move into and out of areas of interest, the fact that classes are structured with students of different ages, and the natural diversity that exists at the school. We also value the level of involvement that the teachers have with us as parents. I would say on average we get a phone call or SMS from the head teacher two times a week and emails weekly. She is always available for questions or concerns even on weekends.

It is important to understand that this is a private school so, like nearly all private schools, the families pay for 100% of the costs the instructors, administrators, facilities, etc., etc. That said, the tuition is very competitive with the other Montessori schools in the area that we have looked at and it is a not for profit school.

Finally, Country Meadows, while private, does not in any way feel ‘exclusive’ and the backgrounds and economic status of the families that we have come to know are about as broad as one could ever expect at a private school. We see that as a plus.”

                      -Devin P.

“Our little one is more independent and curious about find explanations while playing or loving each day. CMMS and all its staff is the wonderful place where little minds grows every day.

School’s principles based on diversity and respect for every one support student progress over social and academic skills. All team focus their activities on children to get maximum involvement level for each student and its family around all school community. We like safe environment and joyful activities during each season through year. It is a really great school.”

                          -Juan T.

“I love seeing the ease of the teachers. We were glad to see it was camp and different than “school” — classrooms set up differently, new activities, very creative and calm and fun environment. My favorite was the CARNIVAL PERFORMANCE! It was absolutely amazing. I love the fun and creativity in which you approach everything."

                    – Diane B.

“I appreciated the caring staff, safe environment, and variety of fun and appropriate activities that were educational as well. We loved the transitional learning program! It was good to have the reading writing, and math option implemented into the transitional first grade day camp program that remains fun for kids to keep their skills going and advancing during the summer.”

                     – Julie S.

“I appreciated the amount of activities provided throughout the summer, and the Field Trips. My son always brought home great stories of new projects, things he learned, or activities his class did together. It was exciting to see that the schedule changed often and things were introduced on a regular basis. My son enjoyed making new friends, and the beach. I thought the whole summer went great!”

               – Jennifer M.

“Wonderful school. Great teachers. Excellent environment.”

                     -Tanjot A.

“I am so blessed to send my children to Country Meadows! Thank you to Mrs. Ghode, Mrs. Horine, Miss Yolanda, Miss Mary, Miss Jill, and the whole community of teachers, administrators, students, ad family–and, of course, Maria Montessori! Each day I know my children are building friendships with children of different ages, being treated as individuals, and being encouraged with love and wisdom by teachers who are more like learning coaches than authoritarians.”

                        -Kim M.

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