The administrators and faculty of Country Meadows Montessori work with parents as a team to provide a meaningful education that meets the needs of the whole child.

In order to assist parents in this partnership role, we offer parent education programs throughout the year. The main purpose is to provide information on the principles of healthy child development so that parents can develop their own parenting styles. It also provides a forum in which parents can discuss their views, concerns, and experiences with other parents who have similar goals for their children.

Included in this program are classes in positive discipline, Montessori in the home, the Montessori curriculum, family life, and social, emotional and moral development on all levels, from the very youngest children through adolescence.

Through these and other topics, we share with parents the obstacles to and joys of responsible parenting.

Parent Communication and In-class Observations

The school’s influence on a child’s development will always be secondary to that of the home. The hours spent at school are short compared to those with the family. Since school and home must provide consistency for the child’s development, we believe school and parents need to maintain close communication.


Parents are invited and encouraged to observe our classrooms in session. The opportunity to quietly observe in the classroom is very valuable in understanding the philosophy your child is experiencing throughout the day.
It also helps when meeting with a teacher to have observed your child and have more knowledge of their accomplishments and challenges. Arrangements can be made a few days in advance by making an appointment through the office staff. Observations begin in mid-October and continue throughout the year.