Elementary (6-12 years)

The CMMS lower elementary curriculum is interdisciplinary, allowing English, science, social studies, the arts, world language, writing, and math to converge in lessons guided by the child’s own interests. Emphasis is placed on the connections between different areas of study, not on the mere presentation of isolated facts. Spanish, music, art and physical education are an integral part of each week. The overall curriculum is academically challenging and geared to meet  the child’s changing developmental needs from year to year.


The Montessori Elementary program allows the child to continue the great strides in learning made in Children’s House.  Reading, math, geometry, and science all bring the student to new understanding expressed through writing. History, geography, and biology are presented in ways that give meaning to the great order of the universe. Children begin to explore humankind and themselves in the world and begin to develop respect for nature.

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The Montessori Elementary Program is divided into two levels: Lower Elementary (6-9 year olds) and Upper Elementary (9-12 year olds). The mixed-age elementary classroom creates a community in which the child both lives and learns. During the elementary years children develop social skills, abstract intellectual concepts and learn to accomplish goals cooperatively.