Our School

Over 25 Years of Excellence in Education

Why Montessori?

1. What is unique in a Montessori school is that children learn in a hands-on manner at their own pace. This means your child is never held back. If a child wants to learn more math, she does. If he’s eager to write a novella, he will. In a conventional school, every student completes the same assignments. Our curriculum is highly organized and carefully crafted to meet—or exceed—all state and national standards. Montessori students are taught to accept responsibility for their own learning and make constructive use of their time. After nearly a hundred years, Montessori schools have consistently produced eager scholars instead of passive learners.


Our curriculum is academically competitive. We cover the same basic core curriculum as other schools. What’s different is the way we teach it. We customize learning so students who are advanced can work ahead and those who need extra help get it. Subjects like geography, geometry, astronomy, geology and biology are taught in creatively capture the interest and imagination of young students. Conflict resolution, communication and leadership skills are also an integral part of our Montessori curriculum.

Academic Prep

We are committed to insuring that every child at CMMS becomes a confident, independent learner who reaches his or her highest academic potential. Our small teacher-to-student ratio guarantees that your child will receive individual attention. Our well-equipped classrooms and well-trained teachers motivate students to challenge themselves and reach higher levels of academic excellence. Children who need extra help get it along with the encouragement they need to succeed. But Montessori students master more than basic skills. Problem-solving strategies and critical thinking skills are developed every day. Students rely on these vital tools throughout their academic careers.

Social Skills

One of the wonderful aspects to a Montessori program is that equal attention is given to a child’s social and emotional development as it is to academics. Our teachers work with your child both individually and in the classroom community to develop successful social skills. As parents, you will be invited to join the teachers as part of a support team for your child.

Before&After School

Before and after school care is available daily at a nominal fee. Please see the scheduled fees for by age group for current rates and options.

New Students At CMMS

At Country Meadows Montessori, we are dedicated to enthusiastically welcoming every new student and family to our school community. Beginning or changing schools is a huge transition. We are dedicated to learning as much about you as we can during the admissions process. There are opportunities for each new student to visit prior to the start of school. These visits and other low-key meetings and friendly picnics help everyone learn more about each other. The administration, faculty, staff and especially each room parent, are dedicated to reaching out to new families and are always available to answer any questions.


Computer usage increases as a child progresses through the grades. In the Lower Elementary class, students use drawing software and play word-recognition and math games. In Upper Elementary, keyboarding and word-processing skills are stressed. In Middle School, students learn to use databases and spreadsheets as well as creating multimedia presentations of research projects.

After Montessori

Our Montessori students are noted for their independent thinking, self-confidence and ability to assume responsibility and leadership. The longer students remain in our program the stronger these traits become. Our Montessori graduates transition into new programs with ease because they have the social skills to match their academic prowess.