Students are accepted typically prior to the fall academic season.  As necessity requires, students may enroll at any time during the year.

Admission Begins with a Tour of CMMS

In order to achieve a balance in each classroom, openings will be filled upon the availability of program hours, age, and gender of the child, as well as the date the application was received. Parents will be notified of an enrollment position for their child when it occurs. The enrollment process begins with the child visiting the classroom in order for the directress is this the head of the school? to acquaint herself with the child and sense his or her readiness for school. If the child seems ready for CMMS, the enrollment process will advance to the next level.

Please telephone the office at (847) 244-9352 to make an appointment to visit the school, or click here to send us an email request.  Our staff will contact you soon.

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