What kind of education do you want for your child?

Can you envision an environment that promotes academic excellence by treating your child with respect and igniting her inborn passion for discovery?
Would your family enjoy being part of a learning community that grows together, with teachers, parents, and students learning from each other?
Do you think it would be wonderful if your child learned how to be an active participant in his community at-large?
How would it feel to know that your child was connected to nature and a devoted caretaker of the environment?
What if your child’s school could support you in being the best parent possible, just as your contributions enrich the classroom?


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At Country Meadows Montessori School, our graduates own much more than a mastery of the “three Rs.” They are confident, curious, and successful. For more than 45 years, the foundation we give to our students has helped them develop into the well-rounded people they were meant to be, complete with a reverence for the earth and a command of technology.
We accomplish this as partners with active families, students, and teachers by:
• Following Maria Montessori’s concepts to create a child-directed learning environment based on mutual respect and faith in the student’s innate ability and desire to learn.
• Ensuring that every member of the community is committed to the common goal of nurturing our children and supporting each of them as they blossom in their unique way. Each administrator, teacher, and family is dedicated to our core values of community, respect, and academic excellence. 
• Creating growth opportunities for every member of our community. These include ongoing professional development for our staff; monthly mastermind meetings for administrators and teachers; a comprehensive and approachable parent education program; parent-teacher conferences; classroom observation for families; frequent opportunities to work and play as a community through field trips, family nights, musical performances, and more.