Tuition & Fees

Country Meadows Montessori School offers a tuition schedule scaled to the length of the school day per student. If you choose the One Payment Plan for the school year, parents are entitled to a 3% discount off tuition. If you choose the Two Payment Plan option, parents are entitled to a 1.5% discount. Two siblings enrolled simultaneously will entitle the family to a 5% discount on total tuition. Three siblings enrolled will entitle the family to a 10% discount.
Tuition payments may be made by credit card using Visa, MasterCard, or Discovery. A charge of 2.5% is applied to credit card payments. CMMS offers an online payment option.
Depending upon the activity, there are nominal registration, event and application fees.

Country Meadows is competitively priced, offers a supportive community and our individualized curriculum sets us apart.

Visit Our Program page to learn about the program hours and curriculum.
See our Before and After Care web page for further information on school-day options available by age groups.  For detailed tuition information and fees click the links below.
Toddler Tuition Schedule 2016-17
Primary and Elementary Tuition 2016-17
Adolescent Tuition Schedule 2016-17
Online Bill Pay at CMMS: Make tuition payments online using e-checks or credit card payments through a secure server.
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