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For over thirty years, Country Meadows Montessori School has offered the Lake County community summer camp opportunities for children ages 3-12+.
Summer Camp runs for 10 weeks from June 8th  through August 14th. There are two program options, the 10-week program and two 5-week programs. Our summer camp is available at two levels: Primary ages 3-6, and elementary ages 6-12.
All children are welcomed and campers do not need to have attended a Montessori program previously.
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Activities at Summer Camp

At Country Meadows we know that when children participate and experience something first-hand their learning comes alive. Summer camp is a perfect way for children to discover and explore the outdoor world.

At the primary level, children will be introduced to the cultural exploration of the natural world.  Primary campers experiencing the metamorphosis of a butterfly and study of fossils, insects and worms. They plant, garden, make rubbings of leaves, watch birds and learn the secrets of animal tracking. It’s an exciting program that makes learning an adventure which taps into a child’s natural creativity.

Students beginning first grade in the fall will benefit from the Transitional Summer Camp designed to make the transition a successful one. The morning focus will be on reading, writing, and math to enhance and maintain skills through the summer. The afternoons will be devoted to art, music, sports, recess, gardening, and enjoyable cultural lessons.

The Elementary Campers will enjoy the summer weather as extend the learning outside with special projects, activities, and trips. Thursdays will feature special events and Fridays will feature field trips and bi-weekly trips to the swimming pool.

“I love seeing the ease of the teachers. We were glad to see it was camp and different than “school” – classrooms set up differently, new activities, very creative and calm and fun environment. My favorite was the CARNIVAL PERFORMANCE! It was absolutely amazing. I love the fun and creativity in which you approach everything. “

– Diane B.

“I appreciated the caring staff, safe environment, and variety of fun and appropriate activities that were educational as well. We loved the transitional learning program! It was good to have the reading writing, and math option implemented into the transitional first grade day camp program that remains fun for kids to keep their skills going and advancing during the summer.”

– Julie S.

“I appreciated the amount of activities provided throughout the summer, and the Field Trips. My son always brought home great stories of new projects, things he learned, or activities his class did together. It was exciting to see that the schedule changed often and things were introduced on a regular basis. My son enjoyed making new friends, and the beach. I thought the whole summer went great!”

– Jennifer M.

CMMS Elementary summer students create a carnival for the campers. CMMS Elementary summer students create a carnival for the campers.